Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy List #4

It’s a whiny Wednesday for me and that feeling is a no-no. Karate chop the negative thoughts. Flying kick all the complaints. Summon the karate kid, the three ninjas and the Jackie Chan’s and let us turn the whiny Wednesday into wine-y Wednesday - bring on the red and the white wine. Kung may blue, yellow and rainbow-colored wine, bring them on too!! The more colorful the wine, the more sosyal it is. Move over, ex-president Joseph Estrada, I can afford more wine than you do!! Ha!  


I am not making sense I know, and truth be told, I find it a little difficult to come up with my number four happy list now than how I easily enumerated things before. It’s one of those days. BUT I retrace my intention why I started coming up with the list in the first place – to draw in strings of happiness from an otherwise confusing, crazy, life-zapping day.

And because many say that the first step to happiness is GRATITUDE,  here is the list of things which I am grateful for, this week - my Happy List. A list far superior than the shopping list, grocery list, bucket list and the first graders’ noisy and standing list (ngeh!) – haha!

Image at the righ via Etsy


I saw this pretty placemat while eating in French Baker and resisted the urge to wipe off the oil from the burger - a pretty thing like this does not deserve getting dirty and soiled. Because I am the future owner of a house with pink and grey interiors, I need to have a placemat like this!!! Yes, so I have four chopping boards then a placemat – malapit nang mabuo kusina ko, kutsara na lang!!! =) Of course, I needed to research, searched high and low in the libraries, downloaded studies from Jstore, befriended the librarian but I never came close to knowing what these pretty placemats are called, buti nalang my google, 5 seconds and eureka! -  these pretty placemats are called DOILIES. A doily is a small ornamental mat, usually of lace or linen (description from free dictionary). And I’m going to have a lot of them in my future house. Yey!!

From Iceberg: Potatoes in meat sauce with chili 


My ultimate comfort food.


The only girly stuff that I do every month is waxing. My next visit is free!! Haha! I feel a little embarrassed to share this since it's a ritual that you're supposed to keep to yourself, I am conservative that way. But a lot of girls are doing it and I strongly recommend waxing (IF laser is out of your budget still). I've been doing it since college, and Lay Bare is my go-to waxing salon. When you see hair, it's time to lay bare!!

BOOK SALE. Again!!

My bank is right adjacent to the store so the ritual is: deposit savings, visit book store, find books, get excited, withdraw from savings, buy books - no more savings, more knowledge power!! I found another Nick Hornby book for a steal and Frances Maye's Under the Tuscan Sun (I did not get to take a picture of it because I left it in the office so A Year in the World subs first). I hope it rains this weekend, so I'll just stay on my bed the whole day and read. =)

Burnt copies of movies from Alan. =)


I came to the office late one morning with swollen and puffy eyes. My colleagues were worried and thought I was going through a rough time but little did they know I stayed up late and all tearful the night before watching "Up". My eyes are not really the windows to my soul, they are the doors, no, no, the gate!! They're so big they give me away. But I like them just the way they are. 

To a longer happy list!!

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