Saturday, July 7, 2012


My boss gave up on me a long time ago. The giving up is not about work though because I think I make a decent and masipag employee (hahaha!), it is about putting on make up. You see, my boss is really pretty, the kind of prettiness which make both boys and girls give her a second glance. Good thing, I am pretty too (aherm!), not on the same level of prettiness but pretty in the eyes and standards of my mother and syempre, God (and mothers know best and God is our Creator, so beat that, my fans are the most credible of all!!! cue thunder and lightning, mischievous smile and a knowing wink... - no evil laugh though, remember, God is my fan, he wouldn't like that ;-p).

My boss gave up on making me wear make-up, lipstick at the least. I will give in someday soon but the long commute, tropical heat and pollution are stronger than my will to put these cosmetics on (reasons, reasons) and two girly skills that I SHOULD know/have but DO NOT know/have are: a) cooking, b) putting on make up. I'm hopeless. But still, hot - - so puwede na!! haha!

I was waiting for a friend in SM MOA and killed time window shopping when time stood still - I was knocked off the pedestal of hotness I have occupied for as long as I can remember, there was anger, denial, bargaining then the inevitable acceptance. I humbly conceded that, though it hurts, extremely so, someone out there is hotter than me. Thank you Lord for this wonderful realization and for the lesson of humility, because there is so much hotness going on in me, too much I can no longer handle and I am sick of singing my national anthem everyday - sings I'm sexy and I know it, sabay grind ng hips, then pout ng lips. This hotness is both a gift and a curse and it's about time I pass it on. =)

This is Anne Curtis in the latest Folded and Hung promotion in her no-make-up make-up. If only my boss sees this, then she'll understand why I have been putting off applying lipstick on my kissable lips - I can not afford to exceed my current hotness meter.

Girl crushing.

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