Thursday, July 5, 2012

Design Inspiration #3

Number 8 in my list of not-so-secret dreams written in a small notebook I bring around with me wherever I go is this: condo unit like nail-a-holic's lay out. It was one evening while witnessing the ouches and aray's of a former colleague indulging in a waxing service and hand paraffin that I drowned myself in the longing that I really, super want and desire and need a place of my own. The salon's interiors did it. It's pastel-colored walls, romantic chandelier and dreamy balcony sent me off to the i-want-a-room-just like this feeling which evolved to i-want-to-have-a-condo-just-like-this and evolved further to i-want-a-house-just-like-this - and I never looked back. It is, as of today, the most intense and earnest desire of my heart and while I concede that for now, I still can not give in to such indulgence and desire, I try to pacify my feelings by admiring spaces, interiors, furniture and everything home-related.

Sorry, these are the only decent nail-a-holic photos I can find in the net.

image from kikay exchange

image from kikay exchange

Just this evening, I was sharing with Alan that if ever I get a space of my own, I will make sure I have four sets of chopping boards - chopping board for vegetables, another board for meat products then another for fruits and last one for onions. Yes, I have chopping board plans already - intense!! haha!!=)

Another obsession I have at the moment are weddings. NO!! I have no intention of getting married, not just yet - I have a lot of plans for myself as a sexy single and it is farthest from my mind right now. But weddings are pretty. And again, dreamy. I like that adjective - dreamy. So I am a frequent visitor of brideandbreakfast and my heart flipped and turned and somersaulted when again, my home dreams (home dreams talaga!) were moved and shaken by interior images of yet again another salon featured in the site. My house will look like a salon and I do not care - suits my stressful life style, spaaaaa!!!

Ladies, drool with me. This is heaven.
The salon is called Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar.
My future dream home looking like a beauty nail and dry bar????
It's fine, perfectly fine, if it looks like this.

Photos by Paolo Feliciano.

Oh Universe, You are such a tease but I am inspired by things of beauty.
I can't wait to be in that "future" where I am enjoying being a queen of my castle.

Great to have a goal. =)

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