Sunday, May 13, 2012


I wore braces for most of my adolescent years. If people were to describe me to another, I am used to the description: "yung mapayat na may braces".

Who wrote this article? "Yung mapayat na may braces."
Who gave this to you? "Yung mapayat na may braces."
Who rocked and changed the world? "Yung mapayat na may braces."
Who is your dream girl? "Yung mapayat na may braces."

When my orthodontist finally freed my abused teeth several years back, naturally, I graduated from the simplistic description of the thin one with the braces. So it became a challenge to describe me to people who are interested to know me (because I'm super interesting - wahahaha!!) or who may simply one to know my name because I did something good OR something really bad. Come on people, I am not that difficult to describe. Just say "sexy hot chick" and all fingers will automatically point to me so don't stress much. Really. Haha!

Now. now.
See this clay I molded myself one afternoon out of boredom?

It was not intentional but it turned out looking like my human stress buster - our dear little Theo (my brother's youngest son). How easy is it to describe him? Big ears. Big eyes. Big smile. Big circles - meaning, lahat sa kanya malalaking bilog.=)

The Clay Model

Future Matinee Idol. Big Eyes. Big Ears.

Theo will someday be as old as the man on the background. But for
now and for many years still, he is our little baby boy. 

Big Eyes. Big Ears. Big Smile. Those descriptions are reserved for Theo.
Hot, Sexy Chick - reserved for Tina.

End of story.=)

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