Monday, May 7, 2012

Door to Door

Take me to Valloria, Italy!

I have a thing for doors.  Doors are magical. Doors have characters – distinct ones that impress. My “thing” for doors started two years ago in Sagada, after having visited St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and fell in love with its blue, ala shabby chic door. I thought then, I don’t mind NOT getting married in the church as long as I get married IN THIS DOOR!! Haha!!=) I cannot find a close up shot of my charming Sagada door and because I want to share with you my appreciation, I encourage you, dear friend, to go to Sagada. Now. Urgent. Asap. Love my door as I have loved it. Kung may cloud appreciation society where die-hard cloud “appreciators” pool themselves together to ,uhm, appreciate clouds (yes, how so straightforward, ano pa nga ba?), I will be the founder of the DOOR APPRECIATION SOCIETY - we promote happiness door-to-door!! Haha!!

St Mary's Episcopal Church. On the left side is view of the chapel from one of the doors "patterns". 
Pictures from leavethecube.

 Now, my kilig-meter reached its peak when I came across an article about this dreamy Italian town,Valloria, where doors are transformed as canvasses of artists, making the town one big, romantic and interactive museum where life actually happens. Their doors are made such, in an effort to draw not just tourists to the town but to bring back home residents of Valloria who left in pursuit of finding means of living in other Italian towns.

all photos via tumblr and
And so I say it again. Take me to Valloria!!
A-DOOR-E me because I'm so a-DOOR-able!!

There are just so many beautiful places in the world.
Thank you Universe!

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