Saturday, August 31, 2013

goodbye august!

i love love lists!
snippets of things that I love

one: a spectator story

Whenever I watch reality shows or competitions or just about any feature in TV or magazine articles about awesome people, I often ask myself if I am content with being a mere spectator, a witness to things and not the performer on stage being applauded and at the same time criticized. I was born under the "Leo" sign in the year of the "Tiger". My stars say that I am one to love the spotlight. Let's see about that. When was the last time I had my magical moment? It will take some time to pick from my basket of memories. 

A few minutes back, I came across this video in mashable.

From mashable:

Kristin Chenoweth discovered a superstar during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday.
The Broadway star plucked Sarah Horn, a vocal coach from California, from the audience to sing a duet from the musical Wicked with her. The moment could have ended in an out-of-tune disaster, but instead, a magical moment followed. 

Oh, this is some beautiful story for Sarah Horn to share with friends at the dinner table, win her blog if ever she has one and most of all with his children and grandchildren .

two: yoga

via flowsurfyogasamba

I would love to go back to doing it. Seriously. I am so drawn to the yoga lifestyle that I am so afraid to fully embrace it. Weird noh? The beauty of yoga is so immense that I feel unworthy to be a recipient of its passionate and peaceful vibe. An example of its beauty: Did you know that Namaste (a greeting every after a yoga class) literally means "I bow to you".

Namaste is a way to “send out to the universe something good, something that makes sense in that instant, the possibility of a time when all strife, suffering and harm inflicted upon each other and other living things, will simply stop”.

Namaste, then.

three: Cafe Noriter

A nondescript hole is punched in a row of concrete walls somewhere in Taft. You have to go up rickety stairs to finally experience the magical place that is Cafe Noriter. :) If I were a scriptwriter, I would have written dozens of award winning stories in this place. If I were an artist, I would have created so many laudable art pieces while in the Cafe. If I were a student, I would have aced all exams having studied in a place such as this. Thanks Di for sharing this beautiful secret with me!:)

four: mornings in Baguio City

Mornings are most beautiful in Baguio City. These pictures were taken in an early morning visit in one of the country's cleanest public markets, the Baguio City Public Market. I love the smell of ground coffee beans. I love how people manage to be both chill and busy. I love the colors of brooms and mats and textile. And fruits and strawberries and all things sweet and wonderful.

five: breakfast

This is one of my favorite breakfast pictures ever! For more of breakfast love, blog hop to Before Nine. By the way, this is breakfast at PNKY, got to love the strawberries on the pancakes!!

six: oh books!

check out awesome people reading for the happy thought that we are in good company :)

Top: Pugad Baboy is two years younger than me!! Every year, I look forward to the publication of Pugad Baboy comic book and this was the last remaining copy of Pugad Baboy 25 in National Book Store MOA; I needed to bug the saleslady to remove it from display and wrap it with love for me.


Baht, Boots and Ghandi, a collection of travel essay. I love reading about traveling. And this book is extra special because it is authored by Filipinos. Let's hoard from the Filipiniana section!

Everything is Illuminated, my current reading material. I have no intentions of reading the book but reading about it here made me reserve a copy in good ol' Fully Booked.

seven: birthday gifts

My boss baked for me blueberry cheesecake. A colleague gave me a Little Prince watch with a sweet note. Oh! Thank you! And my most favorite gift of all is that which I asked for, haha! A yellow rash guard and a snorkeling mask from Alan. I now it's the -ber months already but take me to the beach, yow!!! :)

eight: one million march

I paused and raised my fist for this man last August 26 in Luneta. Napoles surrendered herself several days after. May the truth and justice prevail!

thank you for reading! :)

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