Monday, August 12, 2013

baguio city happy list

i love love places!
Baguio City, Philippines

August is the best month ever! Reasons for it being the best month ever are as follows:

1. It is the birth month of an extremely fine and fab lady. (aherm)

2. It has the most number of holidays in a given month this year. And the August Gods placed the holidays next to weekends so we have our ultimate favorite next to chocolates - long weekends!

3. It is the gateway to -BER months. Not so Christmas but not so summer either. What do you have? A design-your-month-the-way-you-want-to-season! For me, my August theme this year is "perfect-for-coffee/champorado" season or what you call the - RAINY season! (how so original) You see, I just bought an umbrella tonight and the purchase needs to be justified. Haha!

There you go.

Moved by reason #2, the first long weekend of August saw me chomping breakfast meals for Project Before Nine: Baguio Version Part 1 and strolling along Session Road feeling so free (naks!). I hope to do a separate post about this trip but for the time being, please indulge me with my excitement over doormats I bought from Baguio City public market (Php100 for 3 pieces). I will be using them as background for my creative direction (nyahaha!) - so pretty! 

This time, they cushioned and cradled my Baguio kuripot happy shopping list.

White and Orange Mat Lay Out

Mt Cloud Bookshop Goodies
still wrapped in this picture. A book, a notebook and a bookmark. This is one of my favorite places in Baguio City - the Hogwarts to my Harry Potter. :)

Chili Powder
because I am a spice girl! :)

Romana's Peanut Brittle
no-fail pasalubong

overpriced and not-on-season

Navy Blue with Sprinkle of White Lay Out 
unwrapping Mt Cloud Bookshop Goodies

Santa Claus in Baghdad
for a different perspective

Pretty Notebook
because my dreams and life's game plans need to be documented

Floral Bookmark
you can't have too many

Happy August!
Happy Rainy Days!

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