Sunday, September 1, 2013

Million People March

i love love the Philippines!
Million People March Photo Essay 
photos by Alan David


1) I was a little adamant to go to the protest because of all the inconveniences and safety concerns BUT people are stealing from my country - I had to go.

2) I denounce corruption.

3) I never voted and will never vote for Ramon "Bong" Revilla. And the likes of him. 

4) I believe, support and will fight for the right to live in a country with dignity.

5) I support the cause of an improved and better public transportation system. Dear God, I am sick of smelling somebody else's armpits in the MRT every morning. I demand that my taxes be channeled to the DOTC program for an efficient public transportation system.

6) Napoles surrendered herself several days after this movement and after an announcement of a 10 million bounty. May this not be the end of it. May TRUTH prevail. May JUSTICE prevail.

7) I pray for the existence of a heaven and a hell. So those who ought to go to hell in the eyes of both man and God will really go to hell.

8) This does not end here.

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