Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Words to Live By

While I stay loyal to my favorite words in the English dictionary: wanderlust, thoroughbred, kindred and serendipity, I find these two other words just as beautiful- Christmas and breakfast-by-the-beach.

Christmas.  It's the happiest season of the year, most especially if you are from the Philippines. The season soft launches in September then festivities proceed in a grand scale after the Halloween. I can never really describe it but it is as if the Universe has issued a happiness mandate and everyone willingly complies.I am adopting Muffie Cabot's mantra:  when you are stressed close your eyes and think of Christmas.

Breakfast-by-the-beach. Breakfast is the ultimate happy meal. Bundle it with "beach" then you just reached the seventh heaven or cloud nine or the ultimate high. Whenever I am out of town (and usually out of town means a trip to the beach), I make it a point to wake up early, find my spot where I can see the soft sunlight greet the heavens, hear the waves gently rocking towards the shore and back to the ocean, feel the soft and cool grass(or sand) on my feet and order my breakfast. My breakfast by the beach. Then just like that, I'll forget all worries and submit to this beautiful declaration, that, Life is good.

Now, what happens when you mix these two together? Christmas and then breakfast-by-the-beach? Hmmmm....=) 

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