Monday, August 27, 2012

Quiz Me

a little bit of exercise

In relation to item #2 in the prior blog entry (Monday Lecture) on the use of our brain which according to more in-depth studies is used to its full capacity and not 10% only as usually described in many literature, I wish to capture how my brain is right now: Thinking about what I find interesting to write. Hearing Tanya crying downstairs. Feeling the minty sensation from the Maybeline lip balm I applied 50 seconds ago. Wishing that I am in a coffee shop right now, somewhere peace and quiet or somewhere conducive to facilitate this random exercise. But it is already past 8 in the evening, there is work tomorrow and I need to wake up early so I’ll settle on my bed, a borrowed laptop plopped on my lap and man, Tanya really does cry out loud and it is bothering me.

Focus. Focus.

Here are the random thoughts flashing in my mind which I hope my slow fingers can catch and capture in a typewritten blog entry. Here goes:

1)  Lolo’s lap by the window, on his rocking chair. My lolo has a big tummy and I used to sit on it when I was four or five? Can’t remember the exact age. We would watch Ultra Man Ace and then TV Patrol. Oh! I found TV Patrol really boring then. I love my lolo. I miss him so.

2) The Jubilee Song. Yes, I was a member of the choir when I was little. I got to sing solo parts too.

3) My Maybeline lip balm. Its casing is green. It is so minty I can feel it still stinging a bit and sliding on my lips. I love menthol and mints. My facial wash is also menthol-y.

4) Tomorrow is Tuesday. It will be difficult to get up in the morning again. Funny how so easy it is to wake up on a non-work day when it is okay to sleep until such time we get tired of sleeping (tired of sleeping? tiredness from sleep - how oxymoronical, ngeh! ano daw? haha!) and how extremely difficult it is to wake up when we really need to. It must be the MRT. Or my boss. Or the whole idea of being an employee.

5) I will try my best to wake up early tomorrow to avoid the MRT morning rush. I love the MRT in the same intensity as I hate it. I usually write my blog entries on my phone while on the MRT.

6) Paul. I am waiting for his text any minute now to open the gate for him. He will be coming from Katipunan where he visited his girlfriend.

7) I have loads of reading backlogs. I still have books still wrapped in plastic and books which I have yet to flip open. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk (this time I am getting up towards my dishevelled bookshelf to double check the spelling of the author’s surname), travel anthologies, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Discomfort Zone. Sometimes the thought or the pressure of finishing these books takes the pleasure out of reading. Chill Tina, chill.

8) Travel and life abroad. I want to experience how it is to study and live abroad. Even just for a year.

9) I am 26 years old. Sec. Jessie Robredo was elected mayor of Naga at 29 years old. How so little my life is compared to him. How so inspiring to do things beyond ourselves when you get to know a person like him. How unfortunate it is that he died at a time when the country needs a public servant like him so badly. How his existence and examples trample and put to shame the “accomplishments” if ever there are of the mayors and public officials of Solana, Cagayan and Tuguegarao, Cagayan – two places where I spent most of my growing up years in.

10) First Kiss. Outside the apartment, a few meters away from school.

11) There’s “a box of laughs”beside me from Papemelroti. The first note written is: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

12) Ate Bel just walked in with a pile of clean clothes fresh from the laundry. I just changed my sheets last night and I love love the smell of Downy. Typing love twice in the preceding sentence was intentional.

13) Family Day. I spent half of my Sunday cheering on the Green Team. We were part of the green team for Theo’s family day. There were a lot of young families and many of the parents may be of the same age as I am. I can feel their love and their excitement for being part of the event not because the event is exciting but because parenthood is. I found myself wishing to have kids of my own but I block the thoughts – I feel embarrassed but I am really not ready.

14) I observe my thoughts and entertain only those that empower me. I say this every day. One of my favourite lines from my current read – The secrets of a Millionaire Mind.

15) Singapore. Hong Kong. Vietnam. Paris. Anywhere in Europe. Bhutan. Palawan. Batanes. I believe that I was born to see these places. And Tokyo. And Egypt.

16) Two years. On September 27, it will be exactly two years since I have been part of that real estate company somewhere over the rainbow.

17) Mutual Funds. Citisec Online. Sun Life Retirement Fund – I should really start saving up and investing for my future. But first, pay off that credit card debt, it’s killing me. I really need to find a more high-paying job.

18) Di. And how she is coping with a broken heart. I’ve been there before but I was a kid then. I do not want to go through it again.

19) Pringles Multi-grain. I can finish one whole can in one sitting. It is addictive; there's a truth to their marketing claim, once you pop, you can't stop! Plus the lollipops. Oh the lollipops with bubblegum on the last bite.

20) House. Bel-Air, Makati or somewhere in the Greenhills residential area. It is no secret I’ve been dreaming of it, my own house since, oh, I really cannot remember when this started, but I promise, I promise to make this a reality before I turn 30.

I’ll stop on the 20th recorded thought. Believe it or not, there are many still other thoughts which escaped my typing abilities. And if there is any truth to the mind working only at 10% of its capacity, I cannot imagine how it works in full. Scary.  And at the same time – beautiful.

Hamsowsssmmmmart!!!! Haha!

Good Night Universe!

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