Monday, August 27, 2012

Four Weekends of August

Life essentials: Family. Friendship. Love. Travel.
(in alphabetical order - ;p)

Week One: Travel + Friendship
Destination: Cebu City

Week Two: Love + Family
Destination: Home #2 - Quezon City

Disclaimer: I regret not having taken photos of my family since I was in my Evil Queen mode on that weekend my mother came over to visit her city-based children. So please make do with the pictures of food Ate Bel has lovingly prepared for us which we packed and brought over to our lola's home in Fairview.

Good mood or not, I am very grateful for having been blessed with a loving family.

Week Three: Travel + Love
Destination: Muelle, Puerto Galera

Week Four: Friendship + Family
Destination: Ronac Art Center (Saturday) and then Theo's Family Day in Fremont Pre-School (Sunday)

Remarks: While I have yet to receive the pictures from Di and Alan (that's what I get from having a low-tech phone) for my Saturday story, here is a picture from Theo's family day yesterday. I sort of 'subbed' for my brother, who is currently working in Dubai. I was a witness to how parenthood expands the heart of an individual a million fold - I wish to write about it also soon.

On the left corner is a picture of our little Theo, with his future girlfriend, Yuri.=) I am a kunsintidor tita. =)

Cheers to a happy week!=)

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