Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh Yes!

Written March 26,2012
A Monday.

I am a happy girl today and it is Monday!
No Monday blues, just colorful, happy, glimmering hues!!
Spread love through rhyming words.=)

I am a happy girl today because I went home with a bagful of David Sedaris books (thank you Allan!!), Rogue Magazine's Travel Issue and the cherry on top of my Ferrero-flavored ice cream... a poem, a cheesy, corny but sweet poem especially written for the sexiest girl in the world!!

And yesterday, I was a happy girl too!! Yogurt, Cupcakes, Crispy Chinese Noodles, Hunger Games (the movie... and the feeling - hunger, gets? haha!) and shopping galore with two of my favorite girls in the world. Being an "ate", gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling that snuggles and sings me lullabies for a goodnight sleep. Promise!

And oh, just several days before yesterday, I was a happy girl (indeed!!) as my cousin Joan's bestfriend, Joanne, (they have the same name, beat that!! I can not find another Tina to my Tina... ano daw??) came home for a visit from her work place, the la-lah land, Singapore. And this early, we are planning an Asian getaway and dear Universe, please, please, help us make this happen!!=)

Pajama Party pa rin ba kahit hinde pajama ang suot??=p

Happy Monday!=)

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