Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gets Stamped

Before boarding the plane, my brother, now a how-to-get-around-Dubai expert called me up and gave very helpful and important instructions. Once in Dubai airport, do not proceed to getting your passport stamped by an immigration officer but I was told to follow these:

First, get an eye scan. The scans gets into some international database perhaps finding matches if one has a criminal record. Indeed, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul.

Second, proceed to the immigration officer for the entry stamp.

The luggage section gets the last priority.

Following his instructions gave me two encounters to Arab Immigration Officers – veiled and moustached bulky big boys.

Encounter One: The Happy Mr. Officer:

Mr. Officer (upon seeing me)         :               Filipino!!! Komusta??
Me (nervous with nginig tone)       :               Mabuti po.
Mr. Officer (chuckles)                   :               Mabuti, huh?

He might have seen a lot of Filipinos and needs no effort to identify one. And I always thought I could pass for a Brazilian supermodel (*fake sigh*), haha! Oh no, I am a Filipina and proud.

Ta-dugsh. (Yes, that’s how the precious stamp sounds)

My visa gets stamped.

Encounter Two: The trying-to-be-strict-but-can’t-get-away-with-my-charms Mr. Officer

Mr. Officer          :               Why are you here?
Me                      :               Business, sir.
Mr. Officer          :               Do you have a friend?
Me                      :               Of course sir, I have many friends.
Mr. Officer          :               Who?

He meant to ask but I have a friend IN DUBAI, I thought it was a simplistic question if I’m likeable – if I have a lot of friends. I did not give him a name but just smiled at him.


My passport gets stamped.

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