Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting Old and then Older

Thoughts at 23:
(or otherwise known as sweet and full of promise period)

The 23-Year Old Prayer

Dear Jesus,

I am grateful for the mornings that I wake up to
I am grateful for the goals YOU intend me to do
I am grateful for my parents and the rest of my family
I am grateful for my friends who have always been there for me
I am grateful for my dreams, they keep me going
I am grateful for this life, this beauty I am living

I am a year older, I hope a year wiser
Help me to live each day full of smile and laughter
There is so much I want to do, so much I want to explore
Please protect me from all evil knocking at my door

Dear Jesus, please from me, do not set my guardian angel free
I need him still, I need him more than ever
Even at 23.

Thoughts at 24:
(or otherwise known as Kuma-quarter life period)

I have yet to reach my equilibrium point… - me, in my college yearbook published 4 years ago.

I am nearing the 25-year old mark. I have yet to own a car, own a house, yet to be called a mommy partnered to an extremely hot daddy, yet to earn a master’s degree, yet to see Batanes, yet to do many extraordinary things, yet to be in many extraordinary places, yet to be wise, yet to shorten my list of yet’s – Yet is the evil word of discontent, I did not realize my dislike of the word until now. But I have grown up. Have grown old.

I won’t say I have matured (maybe a bit) but in my opinion, I have transcended from toddlerhood (supply me with the proper noun, please) to adolescence to semi-adulthood quite successfully. The process did not result to my ideal physical transformation such as a bigger cup size or a taller meatier stature and there are traces, still, of the whiny toddler and angst-ridden adolescent me – but I can confidently say I have grown up.

And it makes me feel good to say it.

Thoughts at 25:
(or otherwise known as the period, you know, the punctuation mark….)

To lunch or not to lunch? Oh Mommy, I have a big, unsexy tummy!!!!
Not really profound, but still rhyming, oh yes I am 25 - high five!!!

How time flies. J

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