Saturday, February 19, 2011


because i am most boring on weekdays...

Dear Weekday Self,

Sorry if I am too harsh on you.
Sorry for not keeping my promise that I will never ever put you under stress again.
I am still learning the process of learning how not to sweat the small stuff, how to pause and smell the roses and how to stop seeking how to impress he who loads my atm payroll account.
I am sorry if I am mean to you.
Waang panahon ngumiti.
Walang panahon makipagkaibigan.
Walang panahon magpabango.
Walang panahon magmahal. (naks!)
I will do my best to squeeze a little time for you. A time to just BE.

because i am too average on weekends...

Dear Weekend Self,

Please do not waste too much of your time on sleep.
I know you have a lot of snooze time to cover but think about it, you have only two days to be you.
Take a break from your weekday self.
Spend time with your family. With loved ones. With a loved one. With friends.
Spend your time on things which are impossible to do on weekdays.
Do yoga. Run. Eat. Pray. Love. Laugh. Quit on Facebook and get off that desk. Move.
You have a two-day loan to LIFE. 
Give it your all.
Pump it dry.
You like it that way. I know.

Dear Long Weekend Self,

I sorely miss you!
This son of a hero president of ours is ruining our relationship but please, we must fight it.
Let's make time.
I miss seeing your hotness on the beach (haha!), all godly in two-piece (pagbigyan!).
I miss seeing you all covered up on top of a mountain.
I miss your stories on how your drunkenness made you forget shame, how that food trip failed to un-sexy-fy you (thank you Bacud genes!), how that free fall from a cliff and dive under the ocean gave you that rush.
I miss you terribly.
And we have to meet soon.
Really soon.

All my love,


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