Saturday, February 5, 2011


In 2010, I signed up for a climb to Mount Pulag - the third highest peak in the Philippines, the highest in Luzon (or verify the facts nalang somewhere..=p) but it never materialized.
This year, I just haveto make it happen. Praise the Lord for my being stubborn.

They say how you spend the start of your year is how you'll spend the rest of it.
So my 2011 will be about fulfilling dreams, reaching summits and waking up to extremely beautiful sunrises.

I am not complaining.

(Because they tell better stories...)

Photo by Marvin Pangan: Ambuklao Dam

Photo by Marvin Pangan: Witnesses to the beautiful sunrise
Photo by Flo Clarin: Tents. We slept at the leftmost tent.

Photo by Kirk Villegas: Descent
Photo by Poltzki: At the summit

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