Thursday, October 7, 2010


Found this copycat of UP Architecture's first ever building in Manila - IN BATAAN.
Thank you Mr. Alan David for this picture with my fellow iska, Miriam!=)

...I am a proud Econ major!

Prof. Winnie Monsod quoted Edward Everett Hale in her last lecture in UPSE Audi this semester. No, I am no longer a student in the School of Economics and though until now I can not believe I have taken and actually finished the course, I am a proud alumna.Always and forever.=)

I am only one, but I AM ONE.
I can't do everything, but I can do SOMETHING.
The something I ought to do, I CAN DO.
And by the grace of God, I WILL.


...I am a Hollywood reject!

Since, we're in the business of quotes, let me share with you the words Hillary Swank of Million Dollar Baby fame uttered which made me fall in love with her:

I don't believe in boundaries for people.
I think we live one life and it is so short and fleeting.
So if you are not pursuing whatever it is that makes you happy, then what's the point?
It's our birthright to come into the world and experience life in whatever  way we feel best suits us.

Can't Hillary get anymore swanky?=)

I am a sucker for words which touch the heart. Thus, these quotes.

Whatever happened to love letters? =p

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