Saturday, October 9, 2010


I want to eat all I can as much as I can!

See the happy faces made 'busog' by happy food!

Sometime in August last year, Spiral announced 50% off for their buffet for a minimum group of 4 people and who can resist their invitation to "tour the entire world through food" in one buffet?=)

This was the time of our lives when we still had a lot of free time and climbing up the corporate ladder was not our immediate plan so it was easy to just call on anyone for a weekend of lunch. I am importing something I wrote from my multiply account (which I don't use anymore) about our Spiral date:
"Before we drank our champagne, we each made a toast. Myrella for love. Bernard for more sex, err, love din pala (haha!).  Tin for love din. Me for money and the chance to see the world beyond the 4 walls of my office (it was a subtle work-related ranting..hehe). Abby for money din. Oh diba? Grabe sa values! But Paul had the best and most selfless toast of all: for friendship. Aaaaawwww."

I so miss my college friends.

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