Monday, October 4, 2010


...young enough to believe that anything is possible, old enough to make that belief a reality - Niequist

In one of our sleepovers (so high school di ba?), my friends and I found ourselves discussing about our generation’s favorite subject: AGE. Those born in the same year as us will be turning 25 years old next year and though some might think of that as still young, especially our parents who will forever consider us as pre-schoolers on a leash, for us 1986-born-people-power babies, we look back at our childhood days and think of them as part of the Jurassic era.

It’s kind of scary, especially for me, because I have moving on issues. I haven’t moved on from my uncombed-not-fit-for-corporate UP college hair. FYI, I love Meg Ryan because of her crazy hair in forever disarray and just-got-out-of-bed look which make her oh-so adorable. My hair is as crazy and is forever in disarray that I need to constantly remind myself that I am not Meg Ryan and I’m not really oh-so adorable.

I haven’t moved on from my Paulinian way of speaking.  The nuns who looked after my 11 years of Catholic education made sure that I won’t forget bamboo is pronounced as ‘beymbooh’, cocoa as ‘kokeyo’ and ‘the’, ‘these’ and ‘that’ are articulated with the‘t’ sounding like ‘z’.

I haven’t moved on from the glorious feeling of being the youngest and yet, am entrusted to play a significant role in an organization. I get thrilled when I am mentored because in the near future, I want to be the mentor. It’s my not so secret dream to become a teacher. =D

So moving on from this inability to move on, Bes (our barkada’s resident genius), brought up the concept of time lines – that stressful chart which dictates that one should have been a rock star by 26, with master’s degree or PhD by 27, married by 28, with kids by 30, millionaire by 32 and a lot more deadlines to becoming a responsible and fulfilled member of society. I told my friends I refuse to make such time line as I’d rather go with the flow and not stress myself so with these deadlines. Spontaneous is not one of my 5 favorite words for nothing (the other 4 are wanderlust, serendipity, thoroughbred, and kindred). But really, though I hate to admit it, at the back of my mind, I refuse to lay down a timeline because I am afraid – scared that by 27, I’m still not Mrs. Brad Pitt or by 28, I’m still not the number 1 in FHM’s list of the sexiest women in the world. I am afraid that I will not be that someone I set myself to become at some certain age and that might (and I know it will) frustrate me.  I know myself so well; I am so protective of me.

Bes retorted that drawing a time line is a person’s way of saying, “oh hey mister universe and mister destiny and mister fate, I will rock the world on the 25th year of my existence because I said so and no amount of your intervention will stop me from doing that”. It is sort of announcing and conditioning all elements in this world that something needs to be achieved by me at a specific time and these forces better help or if not, keep out of the way.

So I am turning 25 next year. Big deal. I still refuse to make a time line, but sooner or later, I know I will. But for now, I am making a list. A list of things to do before I turn 25. My Before-I-turn-25 resolutions. Because I want to announce to the entire universe that though I have not figured out my big-time plans in life yet (and I apologize for my cluelessness), at least I have goals, no matter how plain and simple they may be:

Before I turn 25:

1) I should have been to Batanes.

2) I should have worn my two-piece bikini in Boracay. weh.

Batanes is my ultimate travel destination in the Philippines. I think it is the purest place in this country and it would make a lovely escape from the city. I want to experience Filipino culture in its most unadulterated and most unpretentious form (whatever that means).

As for Boracay, while I would rather be somewhere I can surf, I want to see the Philippine’s most popular  beach because it would suck to be the only 25-year old who has not been there.

3) I should have learned the basics of surfing. I could stand easily on the surf board but that’s just about it. I don’t know how to paddle nor know when the next wave is coming. I am so dependent on my instructor, I’m helpless.

4) I should have done something with my hair.

5) I should have gone diving. I don't care which site. As long as it is under the sea. hehe. =p

Under the sea happens to be the only Disney song saved in my phone and Ariel, the little mermaid, is my favorite Disney princess. (pambata!=D) Gusto ko lang isingit.

6) I should have started saving up for my retirement fund.

7) I should have finished a semester in the Language and Literacy Education course I will enroll in this semester and have at least written an appeal that I be directly admitted to the university’s Master’s program.

8) I should have gained a few more pounds to put the ‘ter’ in hot – hotter, gets? Haha!

9) I should have at least tried belly dancing/strip tease lesson. =p

10) I should have started learning how to drive. I’m pathetic, I can’t drive. My 12-year old cousin zooms past EDSA behind the wheel, while I stay on the sidewalk waiting for a taxi to take me wherever.

11) I should have made someone genuinely happy.

Good luck to me!=D


  1. You are such a.. I don't know what to call you again! :) takot din ako sa numbers e. especially when it comes to my age. See, I just learned how to juggle.. :(

    Reading your blog makes me.. ugh! Hindi ko maexplain! Parang "siyet, hindi pala ako nagiisa sa mundo"

    [ and sorry for stalking your blog hahaha ]

    Haaaaaay. Sana makasama ako sa adventure ulit (the soonest)

    You are such an excellent writer Tina. I soooooo crush you! :D Hehehehe!

  2. i stalk your blog too! so quits lang..haha!=)
    thanks Di and oo nga, dapat may next adventure uli tayo! and don't fret, mga 1 million tayong nagso-soul searching sa mundo..=p haha!