Sunday, September 5, 2010


It's the sacred fire of passion that serves as the most potent vehicle for our dream. -Pablo Neruda

I watched Xanadu with two of my friends last night and throroughly enjoyed it. Actually, kahit saang play o stage performances niyo ko dalhin, matutuwa talaga ako. I look up to those who are into theatre because to get into it, you have to put your heart and your soul in the craft. Artists are on top of my "idols" list. Back in college, I took up 3-units of theatre elective to the amusement of those in the SpeechCom Department. They could not understand why an Economics major like me would want to get theatre credits. Thank you Cory for restoring democracy.

I am proud to say that I have been on Palma Hall's Wilfredo Guerrero theatre's stage (sa stage mismo, di sa audience seats) and delivered a line which I still memorize up to now: Red Riding Hood is in danger, here we come with anger! Ang kaisa-isang linyang ipinagkatiwala ng direktor sa'kin, naman! But I told myself, there are no small parts, only small actors. Haha! Really now, it was not a serious play and we did an adaptation of The Little Red Riding Hood just because my professor wanted her daughter to be little red riding hood. But who cares? I got to wear leather boots that ride up my thighs and got to be one of the five superheroes who rescued the little girl from the mean, scary, angry wolf. Kanya-kanyang script, walang pakialamanan.=p 

After my UP days, I content myself watching commercially produced plays. The tickets are a little expensive but the experience of watching live performances is priceless. Whenever I watch a play, I take note of words and lines used, addict lang, and here are two of the most amusing ones (wait lang, tama bang expression yung 2 of the amusing 1's? whatever!=p):

from AVENUE Q:

-german term for the happiness from the misfortune of others
-sabi ng wikipedia, "making me feel glad that I am not you"

It's not really an inspiring word, in fact it's a loser/bitter word but you have to watch the play to feel really amused by it. Also, aside from their beer, I like the language of Deutschland. I took up German 10 in the summer of 2006 and I think I got a pretty decent grade.

from XANADU:


In the beginning of the play, it was described as a gift so great, no man nor even the gods can put words into its meaning.
Towards the end though, xanadu, meant true love and the gift of arts.
Oh yes, we all deserve our xanadu's!

Now that I have quite a lot of free time, I'm thinking of visiting UP's theatre department to see whether there's something out there worth watching. And since I'm planning on switching careers, eh kung mag-artista nalang kaya ako? haha! In my dreams!

Pictures are from Atlantis Production

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