Tuesday, September 14, 2010


 It's difficult to be all Little Miss Sunshine when there's so much that you think and feel you are going through. People ask where I store all my energy and where I keep my basket of happinness, but really there is none. I have tons of woe-is-me moments (ang loser ko! haha!) but I have mastered the art of keeping that to myself or fighting them off. And I find no greater feeling of satisfaction if I fought them off. My samurai and shield against these "I suck moments"?

a) Be a kid at heart. Always and Forever.
b) Keep an attitude of gratitude. The universe was created for me (and for you too!!), that makes me (and you too!!) VIP. =D

I wrote this post just so I could share the expression I came across in a tumblr site, "attitude of gratitude". I love it. Credits to Mr. Mark Gosingtian.

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