Sunday, September 5, 2010

HELLO SAGADA pictures, share your shots!

Most of my TF classmates are into photography and we made up this so-called "share-your-shots" session to admire each one's photos. I never asked permission personally if I could post their pictures here but I know they love me (hehe) and promise, they'd be given due credit. They have a lot more wonderful pictures in their portfolio, I chose one each from them.

                                BANAWE RICE TERRACES by Guile Roi Agapito

                                TREK TO BOMOD-OK by Alan David

                                KILTEPAN by Ray Andallon

                                                  WHEEL AT ST. MARY'S by James Yu

                                BY THE POTTER HOUSE by Di Licop

Di tweaked some happy group shots by Guile Roi and came up with these really nice versions:

Another long weekend coming up, what to do?=p


  1. oo nga, walang permission! har har har! ngayon lang uli ako nakapag-check. mukhang si darkknight23 ay isang masugid na follower.

  2. i linked the pix to your sites, haha! thanks ray! at saka apat lang naman kasi kayong nakakaalam ng blog na'to, hehe..;D hope to see you again soon!