Thursday, September 16, 2010


How much can one absorb in a day?
I refuse to acknowldege the not so good ones because in keeping with the attitude of gratitude (i still love the expression!) theme, let's just count our blessings today shall we?


I stopped working a week after my 24th birthday and I am not particularly proud of it. I was being selfish and irresponsible but that time, it seemed like the only way to redeem whatever amount of esteem I have left for myself. I'm scared to even admit that and I recklessly plunged into unplanned joblessness. I skipped the math and just decided that my savings could tide me over the rest of the year without any source of income. But there is rent to pay. And credit card bills to settle. And shoes - lots of them. And that desire to help my parents even if they are not asking for it. And many more things that require monetary transactions.
So today, I received a job offer. It was not exactly planned and I did not really apply for it. It just sort of landed on my lap in the midst of the pressure of finding a new job. How I dealt with it is yet another story but you see, the world has answers. Someone out there knows better.


Because I'm cool. Haha! Nah, far from it. My friends are though, as they are the ones who told me about it. We watched a Danish film and my eyes were closed half of the entire duration of the film, because you know me, I can't stand anything that makes me jolt out of my seat. But more than the film, I enjoyed the "thought" of being in the festival. We saw our Development Econ professor lining up for the movie too and we said "hi" to him. He said "hi" back and probably wondered who we were. Also, I got so inspired by my friend Ria. We exchanged career/life stories while lining up for the tickets. She's working in one of the biggest banks in the country and she enjoys the coolest perks and pay imaginable. But she's giving these all up in pursuit of what she knows will make her happy. No matter what the cost is. She's currently taking up German and Spanish classes (she's leaving her company by November) and looks forward to studying in Europe. I wish I had her guts. Grabe.


"How many seats ma'am?", the girl behind the ticket counter asked. "Just one", I answered. Then she gave me that are-you-serious-look and gave me my ticket. It was 5 minutes before showtime and I rushed to Cinema 7 in Trinoma, I could not possibly miss the trailers. I am adding another answer to “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”. Today! I watched a movie by myself and totally enjoyed it. I giggled, laughed, swooned to the minions’ and the orphans’ cuteness and cried towards the end when Mr. Gru read to them the One Big Unicorn bedtime story he made up himself and finally gave them a goodnight kiss. Gusto kong maging 5 years old uli!


I got this pair from Trunkshow for a fraction of a price I would have paid in some other store. I have only 2 kinds of shoes at home: Chucks and high-heeled shoes. Boring! This pair of boy flats is refreshing-- I love!
My cousin, a Chemistry major, taught me that I can learn while bumming. Weird is good. I found this series boring at first - - I was more into in-your-face-humor of Barney in How I met your Mother or feeling kolehiyala with Gossip Girl or feeling artist with Glee but this kind of grew on me.
I want an Indian accent! I'm so entertained.
Just hours ago, I received an e-mail with a really positive introduction: "Dear Applicant: We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the Program..." This time, it's not a Master's degree or an MBA but something really close to my heart. Thank you! Thank You!
Oh yeah, all in a day's work/tambay time of an unemployed.=p


  1. Hey! Nice things you have there.. :)
    And yes, congratulations on you being admitted to the program. Whatever it is, I hope it'll make you a little closer to your happiness. :)

  2. Thanks Di!=D I know babalik ka din sa school, yehey! galingan natin!;D
    Tuturuan mo pa kong mag-photoshop at mag play ng guitar..haha!=D

  3. Sure Tina! All those for free! :p
    Magttravel pa tayo! ^^