Monday, April 19, 2010


In one of my desperate attempts to gain weight, I thought of going on a food trip in the cheapest food-tripper friendly place I know, Chinatown Manila!

Mark promised to write about this in his blog (I'll update his link soon).

I bought Ivan Man Dy's Binondo Food Wok Map but lost it in the LRT. tsk. So we resorted to my stored knowledge (haha!!), Roam Magazine's Binondo Feature, guts and kakapalan ng mukha!=D The place is fairly easy to navigate anyway and it helps that Filipinos are naturally friendly.

What we ate?

Sizzling Fried Legs. Fried Siopao. Lumpiang Sariwa with seaweeds and peanuts. (I can't get over the peanuts, they made the lumpia taste really special). Sate Beef Chami. (Super Salty).Dumplings.

Di treated Mark and me to ice cream after just to rinse of the sauciness of Chinese food.

What we saw?

Charming Chinatown.=)

Who we met? Or better yet, who we made friends with?

The Philippines is the friendliest country in the entire universe!
This group of construction workers were so amused at us taking pictures of Mr. Ongpin (the statue along Ongpin St.) that we decided to have our picture taken with them instead.

Mr. Hi-Ho of Shanghai Fried Siopao (Hi-ho is just a name I gave him from Snow White's seven dwarfs' song, "Hi ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go..) and Kuya Tryk who took our very first group picture.


If being a Brazilian is too much to ask, dear Lord, I hope to become a flawless porcelain-skinned chinky-eyed hot Chinoy in my next life!!


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