Sunday, April 11, 2010


Picture above: My Alabang workspace since 2008

My bond with a real estate company ended January this year and all of a sudden I felt lost and unsure of what steps to take next. You see, right after my college graduation in '07, I was accepted in a special program for fresh grads where we received specialized training from the company and in exchange, we were made to sign a contract for a 2-year service, or else we pay a serious amount of money. (naks, serious amount of money talaga noh?=p)

Being 'bonded' is good because it gives you focus. It's bad because it ties you down to something you're not even sure is for you.

The contract ended last January (yay!!). Good point, this is the freedom which I've long been waiting for!! I know very well that there are so many opportunities out there waiting for me and I hope to find my place in the universe. The title of this blog is actually inspired by my yearning to go beyond the desk which confines me everyday and refrains my hyperactivity.=p (Just in case I change my blog's title, it is called OUTSIDE THE CUBICLE when I wrote this entry.)

Bad point. What Now? Where to? What's frustrating is that, I couldn't point out what I like but I am pretty sure of what I don't like. Soul searching can be stressful, I tell you.=p

So the undecided me put up this blog because:

a) I hope to not bother my friends and workmates with work rants. Maybe cyberspace is more forgiving.

b) I hope that writing about stuffs that I feel and do and interest me will get me to my own space in the universe.

c) I like stories. And what can be more interesting than telling my own?

Also my boss requires me sometimes to write him his speech and our styles don't mesh. His is business-y. Mine is simple - and young. I find it unfair that I spend time writing for somebody when I can't write for myself. So I am giving myself time.

d) Like one of Anton Diaz's entry in OAP, I hope to make this blog my artwork, not for anybody else but for myself.

e) Blogging gives you the perfect excuse to go out and explore the universe. So you'll have interesting stories to tell.

Excited. Yay!=p

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