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December One

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 I haven’t written for quite some time. My thoughts have been in extremes, either too noisy that I cannot identify what I am really thinking at the moment or too empty that there is nothing to share, nothing to express, just plain nothing. My lola’s death and the realization that the upper tier of my family tree is being pruned by the natural process of life have scared (and still is scaring) me so much that I am alternately driven into panic and then nothingness. I needed to transport myself in the moment, at the present and hold on to my last few threads of calmness. And so here I am, on a gloomy sky-ed Monday morning, in a coffee shop, writing. They have closed down the office today in celebration of some city holiday so while the rest of Metro Manila is scampering like hamsters in the dreaded dignity-robbing MRT, I sit back comfortably on a couch feeling like a legit writer – hot coffee on the table, dark rimmed glasses perched on my nose and a copy of Alice Monroe’s “Dear Life” resting beside my laptop for some dose of inspiration. My bladder is telling me that I need to pee, but the restroom is a considerable walk away and besides, the trip to the restroom will kill all my efforts of channelling a legit writer persona. I will dare not risk it, I paid more than a hundred bucks for that hot cup of coffee. And I need a quick bang for my buck. An immediate ROI. A written material for my online diary.

Inspired by this article (I can never be original) on defining moments and reflections and listening to that inner voice and all that self-help jazz, I wish to share my top 3 moments on the first day of everyone’s favorite month, December. I wish to write my top 3 moments for today (the second day of everyone’s favorite month) but it is too early to wrap up today so I will write about yesterday. (Haha!)

My Top Three December 1 Moments

one: takoyaki for breakfast

I went to the Sidcor Sunday Market early in the morning to soak in all the entrepreneurial energy and the weekend happiness of families, couples and even those on solo flight. I was holding a plateful of takoyaki balls on one hand, a carrot-melon juice on the other, a bulky backpack of gym clothes on my, errr, back (backpack remember? haha!) and the Philippine Star newspaper clipped in my arms, my skin was starting to itch from the paper and the ink. I felt like a New Yorker, the ones you see in the movies, holding an armful of brown bag (vegetables and bread sticking out of the bag) on one hand, coffee on the other, talking to somebody over the phone and expertly avoiding tripping and bumping into someone. I felt like a complete fool adult, all free and with a handful of purpose: to gobble up the takoyaki (on one hand) and drink up my health juice (on the other). ;p

two: newspaper and the bench

I parked myself on a bench to decently finish my first meal of the day in full view of the gigantic Christmas tree and middle aged women dancing Zumba. I checked my gym bag for workout prerequisites - rubber shoes, socks, a towel and a towellete, fresh set of clothes - all check. Well except for one, I forgot all of my ID's. I thought of going back home for it but that will be such a waste of taxi fare, so I just sat longer with my balls of takoyaki and health juice and read up. The headline had something to do with customs chief, Biazon. The magazine insert featured Sorsogon. My horoscope said that I will be going back to teaching (whatever that means). My favorite columnist Jim Paredes made a list of his beliefs and "unbeliefs". Lucy Torres wrote about shelter kits for victims of typhoon Yolanda. F. Sionil Jose wrote about letting go of his Nobel prize aspirations - I really hopes he gets the recognition in the near future. And so, instead of getting all sweaty in the treadmill, I just sat longer. And read up. And it was good.

Three: call 911 for lunch

Ate Bel, our trusty helper, was on a day off. And all my cousins were either sleeping or eating out because that's how helpless we are when left on our own. I called 911 and poof came Alan, ready to chop the onions and potatoes for my requested corned beef lunch. It was one of the best lunches ever.

Runner Up: Wrapping Gifts while listening to Christmas Carols 
I love the whole holiday shebang. Nothing compares to Christmas in the Philippines. I have written this before and will write it again, "when I am stressed, I close my eyes and think of Christmas", the everything turns up alright. :)

What are your top three moments of today? Or, sige na nga, yesterday? :) I would love to hear them. For the meantime, please excuse me, I need to pee. Haha!

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