Sunday, September 8, 2013


i love love FUNWICH!

My lola owns a grocery store in our little barrio in Cagayan Valley. I grew up around that humble grocery - it was my playground, a place for errands and responsibility (they make us man the cashier) and the infinite supply of Bazooka and Texas candies, Peewee and Richie, Champola, Hi-C and my favorite of all my childhood food memories - FUNWICH. That ice cream sandwich I look forward to gobbling up every 3 o'clock in the afternoon whenever my tita gleefully announces, "Merienda Time!". The ate's in the store will open the coca-cola refrigerator and get their share of refreshments and rebisco crackers while I troop to the rectangular ice cream cooler to pick my sandwich bar. The sandwich is the perfect mush which effortlessly sinks in my teeth and the ice cream (always vanilla) blends with it so well, I still dream about it up until now.

The world has come up with all sorts of advanced thingamajigs and futuristic thingamabobs, but it will never ever be complete without bringing back Presto's oh-so-perfect-it-does-not-have-a-replacement Funwich love.

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 For childhood snacks that should be brought back read it here.

There's another sandwich bar which should be revived although I cannot remember it's ice cream maker. I was in third grade, I think, when I saved Php20 from my week-long baon so much that I can already afford a Mickey Mouse sandwich bar in 4M, a dark and dingy but nonetheless trusty grocery near our school. It had the same magic as FUNWICH only more fun because of Mickey. :)

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In my attempt to bring back this childhood awesome goodness, everytime I get to pass by an ice cream store, I check if they have sandwich ice cream bars and try them out. Here are the closest I have experienced though they're not in the same league (nothing will ever be!) as Presto's FUNWICH.

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(1) Creamy Classic's Ice Cream Sandwich
I bought it from an ice cream store in EDSA Shangrila.  
Too crunchy for my taste though.
Bring Back Funwich!

(2) Frookies from Yoh Froz
Frookies or frozen yogurt cookies
It's good but I would love for my cookies be paired with sweet vanilla than sour yogurt
Bring Back Funwich!

(3) DQ Sandwich from Dairy Queen
This is the closest I can get plus the price is easy on the pocket
But the sandwich is too thin it almost always ends up being crunchy
I like it mushy and soft
Bring back Funcwich!

Hello, my name is Tina and I support the Bring Back Funwich movement!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi! I just want to know po Kung kelan or anong taon po nawala ang Funwich sa market? For educational purposes Lang po. Thank you and Godbless🙂