Saturday, January 5, 2013

Because I Love Mornings

I am starting a new blog!!

I am keeping Miss Universe for my personal and narcissistic chronicles and I am setting up another blog - Before Nine (because i love love mornings!)

Before Nine

Everything is beautiful with the sunshine.

Like most people, I love mornings and things associated with it. Where do I start? The sunrise. Breakfast. Sunny Side-up’s. Coffee. The early morning jog. The extended sweet  snuggle with a loved one before getting out of bed. The good morning greeting and the good morning smile. Oh yes, there’s the early morning rush on days when we have to go to school or work which can get really stressful at times – but the beauty amidst the chaos in that is, the morning rush and all just signify how we are so raring to deal with life’s battles head on. Then there is the equally beautiful weekend morning when we have all the time in the world to do our personal agenda. Go to a weekend market or to the gym or wake up early to prepare for a weekend getaway. Then there is that even more beautiful morning when you wake up and realize that you are in a different place and remember you are traveling and you have to get up early to catch the beautiful sunrise by the beach.

I love mornings. And my love affair with mornings has two anniversaries:

one: I remember tossing and turning one night, my heart beat racing for reasons I cannot identify. I was in tears, anxious about the future, impatient and frustrated that things are not going my way – and all I can remember was praying for the Universe to hasten the sunrise. And then morning happened. And the sunrise ushered in a waterfall of relief. And last night? God, how silly was I to even worry and what was that all about? This is the morning magic working on me and its effect – the feeling of invincibility.

two: It was one of those out-of-town trips and I just know that I will maximize my stay on the place if I begin my day the earliest time possible. It was one of those Saturdays or maybe Sundays and I just know that I will maximize my free-time-me-time or free-time-family/loved one(s)-time if I get up early. The early bird gets the most out of its 24 hours in a day. J

And so, I start this little space in the web, together with friends and people who believe and enjoy the magic of a morning, chronicling just anything about our favourite time of the day, before 9:00 am- the sunrise, breakfast hunts, activities and just about anything as beautifully early as milk/coffee-bacon-sunny side ups and a cup of coffee. Or tea or chocolate drink if you are not a coffee drinker, like me.

Let’s make the most out of our day.

Get your cute butt out of that bed – no matter how difficult it is. You have all the time after life to lie still – this is not the time (not unless you’re hung over or have stayed up late due to a worthy cause, yes, there is a qualifier, “worthy”).

Good Morning Loves!

The site is still under construction with very few (only two actually as of this morning) but everybody is welcome to contribute stories about our morning magic/morning madness. I would love to hear from you! 

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