Saturday, October 27, 2012

Juicy Minutes

Happy List #6 or random things I wish to write about in great length but do not have the time or the pocketful of sunshine to do so, so I will just enumerate or write in snippets...

One: My Quirky Brother and Mozart

My brother has been sleeping over our place (he usually goes home to an apartment near his school in the Manila area) since the end of the first semester and my younger sister, who lives with him, needed to go home for the sembreak. I want to keep him company but there is no way that I will live in Manila since I pledged my allegiance to Quezon City. So he had to come to me.

I am familiar with the ways of my brother in general but there are so many little details I have yet to know about him. Adorable details. For one, he listens to classical music. Yes, classical music – Mozart, Beethoven, Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Bach and many others whose names are either difficult to spell or are either German or Russian sounding. He listens to them while reviewing, while doing his homework, while playing the Gameboy and even while in the shower. I asked him to transfer his classical music files to my computer because I have grown to like some of them. My favourite would have to be Canon in D by Pachelbel in orchestra – it makes a great lullaby.

Now there are two Wofgang’s in my life: That musical genius who wowed the world with Requiem and Symphony No. 40  and that rock star who can get away with saying “Let’s get over this sh*t, moth*rf*ckrs!” and still look hot and sexy.

Two: From Grannies to Groupies Friday

I have very little interaction with most of my friends this year given that most of us are busy with our respective careers or graduate studies or for some geniuses, both career and studies. This utter madness of missing my friends ended when Ria and Bes showed up for my invitation to meet up on a Friday afternoon to try out some café somewhere in Quezon City. I so missed my friends; I realized, they keep me sane and inspired.

By Day: The Grannies at Mom and Tina's in Katipunan

By night: The Groupies at theTanduay Rhum Rockfest in MOA

Five things I learned from spending my Friday with Ria and Bes:

a) Trees are of the male gender and they can either be dorky, geeky, handsome or lolo-like.

b) There are many ideal places to watch the sunset: the beach, the mountains, Manila Bay and on the steps of a BPO office in UP-Ayala Techno Hub.

c) Judith McNaught. Got to read her.

d) Rico Blanco and Basti Artadi are artists. And they are hot. And they say bad words like sh*t and f**ck and pu**** &^na and still manage to look credible.

e) Coffee, books, salads, steaks, romance novels, bookstores, fleece jackets, head banging, rock concert, swear words, Tanduay rhum – these things, they make sense even when pooled together. They complete our “from grannies to groupies” Friday story. =)

Three: The Turquoise Earrings and the Girl from MRT

I was leaning on the hairy wall carpet of the MRT (the middle portion where the carriages are joined together) with my brown bag of groceries in both hands when a Chinese looking girl with wavy hair and sunshiny smile stroke up a conversation:

“Nice earrings”, she said.
“Thank you.”
“Where did you get them?”, she asked.
“Forever 21.”

“That’s what’s nice about the store noh? They get away with selling many similar items but when worn by individuals it’s as if they are the only ones who wear them or the things were custom made for them”. “That’s a nice color, it suits your skin tone”.

“Thank you”, I said.

That was our entire conversation; I needed to get off the next station and besides, what else is there to talk about? I feel a little embarrassed with my pathetic one-liners. I used to be that kind of girl, appreciative, at ease with starting a conversation with anybody, even strangers. Now, I seem to have grown old and less engaging. Working on getting my radiance back!

Four: My Christmas Wish List for Now

-No Panty-panties (size: small, haha!)
-Bed Sheets
-Dimensione Drawer
-Children’s Books (of any kind)
-Year-long supply of peanuts, macadamia, pistachio, cashew

Five: Books (some I own, some I don’t but will)

Whenever in bookstores, I take pictures of books which I plan to read (and have read) using my low tech Nokia phone and here are some of them: a mix of children's lit, home design, self-help and travel lit - sorry, the picture got cut in the process of layout.

From L-R: 1) Beatrix Potter, The Complete Tales 2) The Selby 

3) Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading 4) Eloise 5) With the Kama Sutra Under 

My Arm 6) A Visit from the Goon Squad 7) Color: A Natural History 
of the Palette 8) Cupcakes and Cashmeres 

 Happy Sunday Universe! =)


  1. And why are you reading Kama Sutra kid? You're toooo young fooor thaaaaat!

  2. I am as wholesome as I can be, di!!! That's Kama Sutra - the travel version! hahaha!=)