Sunday, October 28, 2012

Design Inspiration #9

My legs are crossed Indian style and my back is rested against the soft red and black -striped cushion. My laptop is propped on a small brown round table (to my English teachers, how do I arrange adjectives again? size then color then shape?). I am all set to think and dream and read and breathe - my me time this Sunday cost me Php 160 pesos for a chocolate mint drink and free wi-fi in Seattle's Best near our QC apartment. But I can not think and dream and read, not at this time, not when my heart is racing with ideas and researched pegs of, among all parts of my future home, a home office or will be also known as TINA's NOOK (I know it does not sound sexy "Tina's Nook" but it works for me). And I have decided, these are the only things I need at the moment to get me in the zone: a table and a really nice chair. And I am all set to conquer the world!!! Yes!!!

Who will not get inspired with these lovelies? I am not YET a kitchen person so my only interest in kitchen design is my colorful and labeled Gourdo's chopping board. I think I will fuss over my living room and bedroom in stressful ways far more than you can ever imagine because they will be the most important parts of my home - but these are shared spaces. The living room for my friends and guests and the bedroom for my multitude of lovers (yuck tina!!!) and wholesome friends and sisters who will luckily have the chance to sleep over my kingdom, my pink and grey kingdom!! But Tina's Nook will be off limits - you can stare and drop by for a few minutes and borrow my staplers and lovely stationeries  but for most parts of the days and years and centuries and millenia, it's mine and mine alone. I'll haunt it even after death. Mwahahaha! (Sorry, we're three days away from Halloween!:p)

Let's feast our eyes with these lovelies shall we? I realized I am leaning towards the dainty and clean look. =)

I love the blue over white idea and walls which double
as cork board (via apartment therapy)

leaning towards hot pink and bluish grey
 (via apartment therapy)
every girl's dream: baby pink and paris
 (via pinterest)
pretty and rustic, shabby chic
 (via pinterest)
i love the stool idea
 (via pinterest)
oh so clean and white. i'm loving the lantern
 (via pinterest)
burst of colors: his and hers
 (via pinterest)
so dainty
 (via pinterest)
i'm the boss. and i'm pretty.
 (via pinterest)

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