Friday, September 2, 2011


Great and not so many great things that happened in August

1) I turned 25 years old.
2) I said “I love you” to my parents. I did it on my birthday.
It was awkward.
It was beautiful.

3) I finally identified and found my happy place in the city. It used to be UP Diliman but due to proximity reasons, my official headquarters in the Metro is Eton Centris in Quezon Avenue. Especially on Sundays. I can sit all day drinking honeydew, reading books or browsing the web, daydreaming about a rewarding career, a wonderful marriage in the future complete with an equally wonderful sex life (haha), about freedom, food and all things big and small in the Universe.

If I am not in the mood for social interaction, I am most of the time here. It’s my zone. My place. My spot. I hope it does not get crowded.

4) I watched my second UP SAMASKOM’s Live Aids, finally! I have been in the lookout for the show’s run every year but always seem to miss it. Good thing, one of my colleagues is a former member of the org so I got my needed heads up. Thanks Miss Aimee! Thanks to Di for watching it with me.

5) This has been an extremely tiring month. Work reasons. I hope all this tiredness is all worth it because I am seriously thinking about making the big jump. Again.

6) I got infatuated. A little.
It’s so high school-y that it even got me to write this love (or infatuation note):

To you who are always ready to hold my hand on rare occasions that it needs holding
To you who seem to always say yes to my favourite question in the world (which I will definitely NOT write down here – sayang ang blind item)
To you who surprisingly notice my sadness even if I  try to keep  it – even to myself
To you who I feel shy around with sometimes but really comfortable with most of the time
To you who notice my silence and know that I need to be asked if I am okay

          I choose you
Please be the one

The Royal Hotness

Let’s keep my short falling in love (infatuation) story as vague as possible: It all started when I asked about an extremely simple question of where or how something that has to do with me happened for the first time. And he knew. And he got me. One of my weaknesses is when people are familiar with me because I rarely share or open up. Or maybe I do, only with people I like/love.

But I’ve given up on this feeling and have completely moved on.

And I cannot believe I am writing this.

7) I found Yhansy’s store in Shangri-la Edsa and I went crazy.

8) I dreamt of having a daughter. In my dream, I named her Mia/Pia or some cool 3-letter girly name.

9) I spent the last long weekend of the month in stormy Baguio City. The experience merits a different entry and I have only beautiful stories to tell about it.

Looking forward to the –BER months!

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