Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Once upon a time, there was friendster and it made me miss...

SIR ELLY. He is one of the most senior (in age and in rank) engineers in the first real estate company I've worked for. He likes sharing his words of wisdom (even those unsolicited) and treats everybody like his children. I call him Sir Elly Belly and he likes it. I pray that he publishes his book soon which he has been working really hard on and I will buy it even I am no engineer. I miss you Sir Elly Bells!=)

Sir Elly's Friendster Testimonial. Yes, even at his age (then - 2 years ago!), he knows friendster. Groovy.

MY PG 3 FAMILY. (The first group or "department" I've ever worked with in a company) 
I sorely miss working with a team and I've never felt hard core teamwork as in what I've felt with our group. I basked at the glory of being the youngest (haha!) and I felt ever so loved.

Ginamo's Testimonial.=p

MY FRIENDS. It is only them who see the non-serious side of me. I tend to take to heart my responsibilities at work, thus, limiting my social interaction with most of the people I work with. I shun people off without me intending too. I'm the most boring person five times a week from nine 'til six. After that, it's all good.

Tin's Testimonial. I miss her.
Fast Forward to Friday!!=)

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