Sunday, May 22, 2011


Just random shots from my low tech phone.
Just random stories for these random shots.
From my low tech phone.

THE RECEIPT. Cashiers never get my name right. Rina. Nina. Mina. Katrina. And I always thought “Kristina”, “Tina”, or “Tin” as very common names.

THE QUEUE. Happy are those who do not ride the MRT, for they shall remain harassment and stress free. This picture was taken on a Monday Morning on my way to the office. This is what I have to put up with while I am saving up for Molly (my future car…=p). The curse of the working class.

GOSSIP. The husband left the woman and the friend is consoling the grief-stricken wife. And the rest of the world heard their story. Again, this picture was taken on the MRT, I was playing with my phone and can’t resist the ‘holding hands’ moment. I do not think they were aware that all the other commuters are being entertained by their story. This is true-to-life drama at its finest.

MOLLY. You know what they say about the power of vision boards? While I do not have the patience and artistry doing cut-outs and decorating some board with my achievable dreams on it, I try to write down on random notebooks the things which I am aspiring for. Problem is, I have so many notebooks, so many that most of my dreams are forgotten just because I lost track of where I wrote them. Haha! So, on one Friday morning, while waiting for a friend at Mc Donald’s, I made a ketchup-compact with my Hash Brown. Blood is all gory so blood compact is out of the question. I took a picture of it so I’ll forever be reminded. I will have Molly soon. Fingers crossed.

AUTHORITY. Whoever this “authorized person” is, he sure knows how to put a smile on my face. This is a very amusing post in our office’s pantry’s personal refrigerator. Hope to see you soon authorized person. For now please keep our personal food safe and edible.=p

HONDA. I learned the term “Honda-Dot” a.k.a. on-the-dot, from Nancy, a friend whom I’ve met in the FLOW retreat last 2009 and I made a poem inspired by it. Ang geek ko! FYI, our office dismisses us at 6:00 PM and I make sure that I’m always out by then IF I do not have much to do. Which is very rare.

Here’s the poem:

Honda. Honda Dot.
I’m the kind of employee which most are not.
No over time. No staying late.
Always pretending to rush to some imaginary date.
Honda. Honda Dot.
I’m the kind of employee which most are not.

Pang-Palanca award! Haha!

SPOCK. Live Long and Prosper. Inspiring words from Dr. Spock. I liked how this picture, in my opinion, looks lomo-fied (whatever feature) when it fact, the sun setting behind me made it looked like such. I like watching the Big Bang Theory thus the hand gesture.

CAKEPOPS. Lollipop Cakes. Starbucks is genius.

FOOTSTEP. I climbed Mt. Pulag last January and my G10 failed me. Good thing my friends have their DSLRs with them. And I had my camera phone to take my requisite ‘PAA’ shots. I’ve been taking pictures of my feet in all places that I’ve been to but I stopped now. They’re not nice to look at ever since high-heeled shoes replaced my Chucks.

WORDS. I like fortune cookies not for the taste but for the surprise message inside. When my stateside lola brought home chocolates, each was wrapped in foil with special message written on it. I liked this one the most though. It reads, “Let your sensuousness shine through”. So sexy. Pati chocolates, aminadong hot ako. Haha!=)

THE RUINS. The highlight of my Baguio experience last year was our dinner at Café by the Ruins. The food is great. The ambiance is so artsy, I want to live there. I am going back to Baguio just for this “resto”. They rhyme.=)

METEOR GARDED 2.0. My generation had Dao Ming Su. However you spell his name. The present generation has this boy. Whatever his name is. I like boys/men who can make even the most powerful of all women submissive.=) The power of love. And Korean invasion.

ARTIST. That’s me and the national artist Arch. Bobby Mañosa. I love, love meeting people who are ever so good at what they do and excel at it. Talent is meaningless without passion.

HOUSEWIFE. No, I am not YET one. I always tell my friends I want to become a housewife. The lifestyle now is so unforgiving to starting families and should I have kids of my own, I want to witness the milestones in their lives. I want to be the yoga-practicing, tea-party organizing, hands-on hot wife and mommy. Haha!=) Dream on! But since I do not have a husband yet and a house to look after, I feel quite content being “Tita Tin” for now. =) 

GRAFFITI. Written in a comfort room cubicle in one of the restaurants I have spent a Friday night with Mei:

The Message: “I love you Lando.”
The Reply: “I love you too! – Jun-Jun”
The nosy Filipino third party who just had to have his message known: “Yuck, mga bading!”
Reminds me of "Push the button to eject the prof" in UP Diliman's Math Building's seats. 
Never fails to amuse me.

Just pictures.
Just stories.

Happy Sunday!


  1. asteg.... i like your blog... your writing tech is... hhhmmmmm! punks nga ee...

  2. You know why "Rina"?

    Kasi maarte ka magsalita. Hahaha! Para kang "Angry Birds" pag naeexcite nga e.. Galing ng Honda-dot mo, pwedeng ilagay sa children's book.