Sunday, May 8, 2011


"Tina", he called on to me, pointed his face and did a circling motion to it. I am very certain he was not asking me to check him out. He's 20+ years older than me, for God's sake, plus, he is a very dignified man. I know very well what he meant though. The point-to-the-face-with-the-finger circling is defined in my dictionary of non-verbal language (ang genius ko! haha!) as "anong nangyari sa pagmumukha mo?". I completely understood and didn't take any offense. It was after all, the Monday after I spent an entire weekend on the beach and the snobby Metro Manila crowd belittles un-gluthationed and seriously sun-burnt skin. But if this is a trade off for two days in paradise-then burn my skin all you want. Kids, the Philippines is an extremely beautiful country and do not let this lifetime pass without setting foot on Calaguas, that breath-taking island in Camarines Norte, where the sun, the sky, the sand and the sea agreed to set a happy rendezvous.

Calaguas Island. Photo by Alan David.

Photo by Alan David
Calaguas is my second beach this summer and I am looking forward to more beach trips far and beyond this season. I am planning to spend my 25th birthday on the beach (sana Lord, please!), to get married and honeymoon (used as a verb..:p) on the beach, to retire on the beach and witness the sunset of my sexy life on the beach. I have planned my whole lifetime basically on the beach, Poseidon can practically adopt me. Only, I don't know how to swim.

*I love the beach because the vibe is so un-Metro Manila. It's the sweetest escape. Anything that takes my mind off Metro Manila, I will embrace in full adoration.

*I love the beach because it is the most forgiving and most tolerant place in the world. You can go on about your day without combing your hair, without making so much fuss about how you look. The big-bonned, skinny-boned, young and old can wear two-piece and nobody will really care.

*I love the beach because it is the best place to catch the most beautiful of all sunsets and sunrises. 
Photo by Dian Licop

*I love the beach because I can sleep under the stars and the moon and wake up still in one piece.
Photo taken using Arman's Nikon. Desperate attempt to capture what lay above us while we sleep. Sarap.
*I love the beach because I am not allergic to seafood.
Boracay Seafood.
*I love the beach because it is the best place for jump shots.
Calaguas Jump Shot.
The Controversial Boracay Jump Shot.
*I love the beach because though it is the best place to bond with friends, it is also the best place to be alone (travel solo).
Me and the Baler Sky. September 2010. First Solo Travel
*I love the beach because Ariel (The Little Mermaid) is my favorite Disney Princess and Nemo and Dory are my favorite fish-ies.
Nemo and Dory.
Princess Ariel.
*I love the beach because I like being under the sea. For a few minutes. Only.=)
Helmet Diving in Boracay.
*I love the beach because...I am sexy. Enough said. haha!=)

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