Sunday, April 24, 2011


It was in first year high school I think when our English teacher made us write an autobiography. 11 years later, I am extremely curious of what I have written down in that course requirement. After all, what is there to write about my 13-year old life? My favourite color? (maybe pink, because little girls should like pink.) Favourite subject (maybe English, because my teacher has to know that the subject she is teaching is my favourite). My crush (I can’t really remember who since there were only 8 boys in class and they are either taken or something else as unattractive as being taken). My ambition of becoming a doctor since all kids think it is cool to be a physician and I am up to the pretence of being cool?

What was my life story? What is? And what will be?

I blame it all on Kate Middleton who is marrying Prince William over the weekend. Her life was featured in Bio Channel and though the presentation of her story revolved around her being the girlfriend and now soon-to-be wife of the future king of England, at least she has a story. And a definite role to play in the whole history of mankind. Prince William’s other half.

What if I were to write my own? What will my life’s drama be? Its climax? Its plot? What could make it interesting enough to make a sleep deprived working girl stay up late on a Good Friday night just to watch how my life story will unfold? What is my role in the greater scheme of things?

I am extremely embarrassed to write about these things, but I just had to because:

a) This blog seriously needs updating and my three avid readers (hi there Di, Mei and Bes!;D) can no longer wait to have their fill of my creative juices (haha, joke lang ladies!)
b) I have taken an aversion to writing about quarter-life-crisis related thoughts but my writing is my yoga, no matter how bad, inflexible, and twisted it is.
c) This, whatever will be written down, is my current state of mind and I want it so badly captured. So when I get back my fussy and sane self, I will know how I am – unedited and unabashedly corny.

But instead of doing a narration (I am not good with details so I am skipping narratives); I have found another excuse to having an entry under “The list of 25 Randomness”. “The list of 25” because I am turning 25 in August and I am completely obsessed with it (I might have mentioned this in previous entries).

I originally thought of writing about the 25 reasons the world will rock/suck had I not been born but I fear the reasons under the suck part will more than outweigh the rock part, so eto nalang:

(I deeply apologize for my selfishness and narcissism…=p)

1) The world will have ONE LESS daydreamer.
I have mastered the art of daydreaming. I daydream while on commute. I daydream while working. While in a not-so-important meeting. While in a very important meeting. I daydream when I am stressed. More so when I am not stressed. I am an excellent builder of castles in the air. My boon and my bane.

2) The world will have ONE LESS worry wart.

3) The world will have ONE LESS lady needing of grace and poise.
I badly need this. I want this to be my birthday gift to myself. I want this to be God’s birthday gift to me. I want this to be everybody’s birthday gift to me.
4) The world will have ONE LESS source of “kasungitan” on weekdays.

5) My father will then have six kids instead of seven. The relevance of this matter, I have no idea, I just know I need to fill in 20 more reasons to reach my list of 25.

6) Had I not been born, that’s ONE LESS hot chick in the world. The horror!

7) The world will have ONE LESS Backstreet Boys fan.

8) The world will then have ONE LESS crybaby.
My cousins and siblings either hate or find entertainment watching movies with me. I have a limitless source of tears that needs no provocation. I cry over the littlest and sappiest things I read or watch or witness.

9) The world will have ONE LESS source of entertainment.
Given item #3, my friends and family find joy in my being “galawgaw”. I am naturally shy, but loud and rowdy with the ones I love and most comfortable with.

10) My future mister valentine will then have to embrace single blessedness or worse will settle for someone less hot. The horror!

11) The world will have ONE LESS consumer in the food chain.
Strictly speaking, that’s relieving the food cycle big time. My friends can attest to that.

12) The world will have ONE LESS source of impulsiveness.

13) The world will have ONE LESS source of impatience.
The corporate made me the evil and impatient Cruel-a Dev-il.

14) The world will have ONE LESS lola’s girl.

15) The world will have ONE LESS Mister Bean Smile.
Wide eyes. Big smile. I do that all the time it is starting to scare me. And others too.

16) The world will have ONE LESS on-time/prompt citizen.
I learned how to value time, especially other’s, so much more from my current boss.

17) The world will have ONE LESS non-replier to text messages.
My friends and mother always complain.

18) The world will have ONE LESS loner.
Naks. Or maybe rephrase that to “The world will have one less self-reliant citizen”.
I have gotten so used to doing things on my own that having somebody else to do stuffs with and for me make me feel awkward and uncomfortable. Most people I know couldn’t bear the thought of eating alone in a restaurant, travelling solo, shopping without anyone with them, watching the movies by themselves – I have done these, countless of times already. Sometimes, I hate knowing that I can take care of myself. Having someone to look after one’s welfare and genuinely care about him gives one the most wonderful feeling in the world and I would not want to miss that.

19) The world will have ONE LESS chocnut lover.
Never fails. The ultimate pick-me-upper.

20) The world will have ONE LESS dreamer of a bohemian life.

21) The world will have ONE LESS Pol Medina and Arnold Arre fan.
Pinoy comic books rule!

22) The world will have ONE LESS reader of Sunday broadsheet.
Both Inquirer and The Philippine Star. I only buy newspapers on Sundays and read them for the entire week. The Philippine Star has a wonderful pool of feature columnists and Inquirer has the most brilliant editorial columnists. I cannot simply just trade off one from the other so I always buy both.

23) The world will have ONE LESS harassed MRT commuter.
When I saved enough for a car, I am naming her Molly.

24) The world will have ONE LESS pilgrim.
I have always thought of myself as a pilgrim. I think we all are. Always in search of meaning. Because I guess, life becomes a bore when there is nothing to search anymore.

25) The world will have ONE LESS someone wanting of it all.
It is selfish but if only everyone can have it all then…who knows?

It’s kind of a little sad that when I go through the list again, I am but a number, part of the statistics, not one distinct and definite role to play, just “one of the”. But in true fashion of self-redeeming entries and in pursuit of a little more self-respect, knowing that the world is ONE LESS without me gives me importance. My role may not have revealed itself in its most evident form such as being the girlfriend of a prince and soon-to-be-king, but for now, it is enough for me to play the role of being that puzzle piece that will complete the jigsaw puzzle.

Get this world, I complete you.

And that stays true for the rest of my fellow pilgrims out there.

(I get really corny when unedited.)

Happy Easter!


  1. TEEN-AH!I love this! Especially #6 and #10! :D napapa-LOL ako literally while reading :)
    Really, you inspire me to blog. :) But I'm too much of a perfectionist and also too lazy kaya hanggang inspiration lang, for now. haha :D
    Keep writing, it's always a pleasant surprise when I see your blog's updated. Your entries always bring a smile to this chubby face (:D)) -->smiley na may double chin

    ...ay oo nga pala sabi ko hindi ko na papaalam na I'm a regular reader para di ka maconscious. 0oops! :D

  2. Allright so I am one of your avid reader, bat alam mo?! Hahahahaha! So natawa ako.. You never fail to make me laugh, narcissistic you. Hahaha.

    Natupad ang dream mo mag two-piece sa beach! Graaaaats!