Monday, August 23, 2010


...and move it all around - Backstreet Boys

My rollercoaster ride has paused at the bottom, my hair touching the ground and my head swirling from being upside down. I know I should close my eyes to keep myself from feeling dizzy but I stubbornly refuse to. I need to feel the discomfort, see it, experience it. I need to drill in my consciousness that no, I do not want to be here ever again. While the rollercoaster's parts conk and bust, I surrender to this momentary glitch and lift all my hopes to Mr. Mechanic. He knows better.If all else fails, I would shake myself off from all the absurdity and pointless drama and say these kanto-boy style, "okay ka lang? eh kung tanggalin mo na kaya seatbelt mo at bumaba ka. ayan na ang lupa oh. geeezzz."

I'm scraping the last cents in my piggy bank and will try the bump cars next time.

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