Sunday, August 8, 2010


Unedited write-up, written spontaneously.

I was planning for a Justin Bieber birthday party but my last two weeks have been crazy and the weather kept me from going outside and the whole universe conspired to un-cougar me (ang daming excuses!) so I celebrated it at home (double birthday bash with my cousin because it's cheaper to split the expenses - so Ilocana!). It was a simple lunch and we were in our pambahay outfits. Dishes were courtesy of our favorite Lung Center Sunday Market, it was raining that morning when we went to buy the food, but I just had to make the people at home happy with having a lunch not prepared by Ate Letty (hehe). She cooks food for us but she seems to have been running out of inspiration its affecting her cooked meals. Lesson number one: Happy people are productive people.

                                                        The V.Luna Brigade

Crispy Kangkong. We remember eating this 2 Holy week vacations ago courtesy of Mommy Egie. We had to download in the net still how it is cooked and it turned out the best seller of the day! Rewind 2 hours ago in the Lung Center Sunday market, I asked ate Ay: "Anong hitsura ng kangkong? Saan dito yun?" My ever reliable cousin didn't know how a kangkong should look either. Lesson number 2:Include kangkong in Bahay-kubo song.=p Also, not all promdi's know their vegetables.

 Isabel and Lean were sweet enough (for the day only =p) to research and cook Crispy kangkong for us.

 Ineng's Barbeque.

This catfish (hito, grilled to  perfection) died for us.


California Maki.

Ensalada. I am so proud of myself for having the patience to chop the tomatoes and green magoes and red egg. Lesson number three: Being domestic can be be fun sometimes.

Tikoy Roll.

I just had to take pictures of the food because this is one of the few occassions when I actually feel like I am capable of doing housework.=p I did not cook any of them, of course, but I actually shopped for them, cut and sliced, unpacked and supervised the presentation. This is the farthest I can go to being domestic. But I hope to learn how to cook one of these days. Independence, I can smell you.=p

Back to birthday business, the last weekend of July should have been my joint birthday celebration (again!) with Myrella but it was a bad timing for most of our friends since they either have exams (yes, I have friends who are still in school, I am going to be one of them soon!) or they are super busy with work. So we just had our usual dinner at Pino Bar and restaurant in Teacher's village (try visiting the place, ang daming pogi) and stayed in Jenny's condo for her wine and crepe (courtesy of her 6-month stint as an exchange student in France) and Abby's Vietnamese Chips (courtesy of her 1-week Splash marketing event). My friends are all jetsetters! I am sharing some photos:

We did not get in the restaurant right away as it was fully packed on a Saturday night. Lesson number four: Call for a reservation first! But it was definitely worth the wait. I did not get to take pictures of the food, I was so hungry to even think of taking photos. We had Kare-Kareng Bagnet , Beef Tadyang in Red Wine, Cheese Sticks and Breaded Veggies.    

Kids born in 1986!

Happy 24 1986-born children! We'll forever be kids, whether the world likes it or not! =p

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