Friday, June 25, 2010


My mommy (as in Tita Egie, my mother's sister who I call 'mommy' just because she's both my aunt and my godmother) sleeps late and wakes up early. She never stays put, constantly moves around, and everyday she has to have a story. She calls our attention when we spend our weekends or free time just sleeping or motionless before the television. We have to fill our days with activities, she said, life is too beautiful to waste it on sleep. We shrug off her nagging most of the time being the pasaway and pilosopo kids that we are. But I understand where she's coming from. She's a breast cancer survivor. And once upon a time, she endured the thought of not having to wake up to see another day. So on a weekend when I was just supposed to bond with my bed, she woke us up early to go to this pottery house in the South and attend the healing mass of Fr. Joey Faller.

No plans.
No directions.
No reservations.

We got lost many times looking for the pottery house because it did not have any directional signage at all and all we know is it's red and the potter's name is Ugu Bigyan.

We found it at last, thank God for internet phone, minutes before lunch time. The people we asked around in Quezon either did not know the place or the potter or gave vague but amusing directions, "Yung bahay ng paso? Kinakaliwa yan. Kinakaliwa yan!"  And they say it with conviction. I wanted to reply, "Okay kuya, kakaliwain namin!" I love Tagalog words!! 

Since we did not make any reservations, we couldn't avail of their Filipino lunch buffet (prior reservation is required for a minimum of 10 people for Php 500/head), so we just looked around. The place did not have entrance fee so we enjoyed it for FREE!

I thought kids won't enjoy the place since it's all wood, clay, plants, huts, very provincial - that kind of place to stay in when you are writing your life's memoir or when you need beauty and peace to conjure artistry while creating a masterpiece. But no, the owner has put so much thought in the spatial design and has given even the tiniest detail careful attention. Consistent Theme. Real estate peeps can learn a thing or two from Ugu Bigyan's Pottery House. 

                                   Wouldn't  it be nicer if the potter's name's Harry? =D

                                 I am hoping to find my instrument the way Ugu Bigyan found his clay. =D

Fr. Joey Faller left for a healing mass somewhere outside the country so for our second destination, Kamay ni Hesus, we just visited the Church and climbed 300 steps to reach Jesus Christ's in outstretched arms statue. I am not spiritual and weird, I am afraid to pray (sometimes, tsk!), but I believe in God, a Supreme being and in the teachings of Jesus Christ. I prayed when we got there, promise.=D

I'm looking forward to more weekends when mommy brings her car (she lives in Cagayan by the way) and treat us to more of her adventures.

I live for the weekends, long weekends, and looooonnngggg weekends!=D


Ugu Bigyan Pottery house is located in Brgy. Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon.
Kamay ni Hesus is in Sariaya, Quezon.

Sariaya? I like the sound of it. I think I'm naming my future daughter Sariaya. (hehe)

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