Thursday, May 27, 2010


My cousin sent this image taken by the NASA dubbed as the "EYE OF GOD". Anyone who sees and stares at it may make a wish. We may or may not believe but it doesn't hurt to try. =D

Dear Mister Universe,

Is it alright to admit that I am scared? I am off to a new job by the second week of June and though I am doing this because I need to grow up, part of me wants to stay. I have started it right with my first job and it has been so tolerant and forgiving of my youth. I have found a family in the people I work with, and with them I feel like a superstar. Moving out means, I will start as nobody and there will be so much that I need to prove. Moving out means, starting over, adjusting to a group that has already been established, eating my lunch as if there’s a lump in my throat the same way I felt when Miss HR told me I’ll be shipped off to Alabang uprooting me from my San Juan home, keeping me away from my playground which I have learned to love and keeping me away from my crushes. Being away from my crushes was what bothered me the most – I am a girl after all.

Is it alright if you shake the earth a little (without hurting anybody) so Alabang and Quezon City will not be as far from each other so I wouldn’t have to go?

Is it alright if I ask you to help me express to my soon to be ex-workmates that I have nothing but love and gratitude for all the many wonderful things that we have shared together?

Is it alright to want this much, dream this much?

Is it alright that amidst the sadness of separation I feel a teensy bit of excitement to do something else other than what I have been doing for the past two years?

Is it alright to request that you grant me confidence and strength?

Is it alright if I force you to tell me that “IT IS ALL RIGHT”?

Is it alright if you help me grow up? My emotional age is 12, but really I am turning 24.

Is it alright to wish for the happiness of everybody especially those whom I love?

Is it alright if you look after my family with care?

Is it alright if you finally give me my Brad Pitt? Because I really think I am Angelina Jolie.

Is it alright if I call you Mister Universe? This way I can sign off this letter with “Sincerely, Your Miss Universe”. This is the only way I can be Miss Universe. I can dream, can’t I?

Your Miss Universe

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  1. Awwww Tina, you are such a sweetheart.. Hugsssss!!!!