Friday, April 18, 2014

Black Saturday Morning

i love love mornings
a Before Nine post

The 12 long hours from Manila (my current home) to Cagayan Valley (my forever home) most of the time discourage me from spending long holidays in my forever home but my current home needs escaping from and I haven't seen my family since Christmas so I braved the 12-hour stretch. I am so glad I did. There's nothing like spending quality time with the family. 

Mornings are most beautiful in the province and everyday, we wake up even before the sun rises for our morning jog with our cousins and aunt. We run and jog and walk until the end of the concrete pavement (the Department of Public Works and Highways has a habit of not finishing projects here, i think, haha) and then back to our house. Our morning jogs are all about exchanges of childhood stories, carabao poos, a carabao with a heron on it (reminds me of grade school science class, mutualism, remember), goats, ducks on parade, kids crawling in the grass, families on their lawns, old ladies sweeping, farmers on motorbikes checking on their farm, dogs who are out to chase us - all these provincial morning magic usually end up with a hearty breakfast. <3 p="">

My long list of dreams now include "owning a farm". 
May all our dreams come true.

All Sunshiny,

Sampaguita, Solana
Cagayan Valley

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