Saturday, October 19, 2013


i love love stories!

For about twenty four months now, I have been a girlfriend to a boyfriend. And while we sort of have mutually agreed to never display any form of public cheesiness especially in the curious space that is the internet (as if we are famous, haha), I hope to make an exception in this post. Only because we ate the best oysters in town served in a plate full of salt that deserve to be written about and oh the cheese - - haha! Just Kidding. Hello, 24 months is a milestone! He and I are both alike and different at the same time. How is that even possible? I do not know really how to illustrate that. But may I share what his being in my life means to me.

Back in 2007 when I was still a college senior, the cool kids from our Yearbook committee made us complete the statement: "I reached my equilibrium point when...". While I was itching to write down "I reached my equilibrium point when I passed Math 17 with flying colors --- the second time I took it", I decided it wouldn't really look cool in the sea of promising cum laudes. So I wrote down instead, "I have yet to reach my equilibrium point". Honesty has always been the best policy.

It did not really happen right away but as days progress with us being an "US", I realized I have found someone who rolled me right into my equilibrium point without asking anything in return. The hanky to my tears. The shrink to my nightmares. The Dolfenal to my PMS. He pulls me back to my sanity whenever the craziness of this world overwhelms me. He is my Mr. Big Aidan to my Carrie Bradshaw. Only we take the MRT, not the limo. I hope I make him just as happy! :)

Back to the oysters. We took a break from our usual breakfast dates and had dinner over candle light (naks!) in Taste of LA in Quezon City. I tried my best to be all dainty and fragile but the oyster in creamed spinach, bacon and cheese and the prichon and the blue marlin paired with mashed potato and asparagus brought out the natural construction worker in me. Extra rice please!! :)

Stay in love! :)

Roces Avenue, Brgy. Laging Handa, 
Quezon City


  1. happy 2 years! you look good together sana me couple pic. anyway, i admire you and boyfie for this milestone because let's face it, at this very modern times it's very rare that young couples like you stay together for long.

  2. Awww...this is the cutest, sweetest thing I've every read lately. Minus the cheese. haha! Happy 2 years, Tina and boyfie who I have never seen before. :P -Ly

    1. Thanks Ly!:) He came over the last time we had our book club meeting - haha! :)