Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tibet Dreams

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It just hit me. I want to go to Tibet. Or maybe after reading a feature on Georgina Wilson and how she has gone to the country of my dreams -  that rekindled my feelings on Tibet being the country of my dreams.


I am solely responsible in fulfilling my own dreams.
Some will inspire me to achieve them.
Others will encourage.
A number will provide me the opportunities.
There will be roadblocks – many of them.
But at the end, I call the shots to what I allow to happen in my life.

I am responsible for my own dreams.
And it is my duty to fulfill them.

I started the year slumped with work, haunted by responsibilities and loaded with frustrations over a long list of unfulfilled personal to do’s and checklists. 90% of my time is spent on work and while I am ever grateful for the endless learning opportunities my work is providing me, it has robbed me of… me. I found myself settling and waking up every morning with the sole agenda of working. And there’s nothing beautiful with it. There’s family. Friends. Loved ones. Loved One. Books. The Ocean. The mountains. Friday nights spent drinking. Saturday movie dates. Sunday me-time on a coffee shop reading beautifully written Sunday features. Vacation leaves spent in an unfamiliar territory or somewhere wonderfully familiar. Life is beautiful. Life is short.

Two things nudged me into checking my life’s balance:

a) The ugliness of my passport picture – God, the hairline! God, the eye bags! God, the pimple-ridden skin! That Tuesday afternoon when I applied for my passport renewal debunks the biblical claim that mankind is made in God’s own image and likeness. There’s nothing godly with a stress-looking corporate poser and God (again!), I used to be hot, this is unacceptable. Something needs to be done. Fast. Now.

b) Tibet. I do not know anything about Tibet, not a bit about its history, nothing about its current affairs and georaphy. Give me a map of the world and I cannot even pin point where the country is. I’m completely Tibet-illiterate. What I know only is that I want to go there and that is enough for me.

I close my eyes and think of Tibet.
I see yellow. Sunlight Yellow. Monk-robe yellow.
I see mountains and houses made of rustic stones.
I see color. Radiant colors on an old lady’s garments. Handcrafted head dresses.
I see children. Smiling children with silky black straight “Dora” hair sitting on the front porch.
I see culture. People Dancing. Food. Animals carrying baskets. 

I do not know anything about Tibet but I zeroed in on the place because I just know that it is beautiful and one of the reasons why I was born is to see and experience the place. Tina’s Tibet Tales. Tina and Tibet. Traveling Tina in Tibet. Tina’s Tibet Tambay Stories. Tibet loves Tina.  Tina loves Tibet. Tina’s Terrific Tibet Thoughts Today!!!  

I think I will even change my name from Tina Bacud to Tina Tibet-cud (wahaha!! Walang basagan ng trip!)

Oh Tibet, Ikaw na!

I dream of Tibet.
And it is my sole responsibility to make that dream happen.

So help me God.

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  1. I still remember what you said to me during our half-day trip sa Binondo - get rid of the things you don't want. And pursue what I love instead. I am doing all those things now Tina. If life is not about paychecks, marami ka pang choice to get rid of your stress.. :)