Saturday, July 10, 2010


Cooked Story #1:

One Tuesday night, I didn't have to choose between Red Horse and Red wine. Between Angus Steak and Sisig. Between French fries or French Chocolate Gateau. I get to be both the pretentious classy corporate chick I am forced to portray for that 15th-30th pay check and that high school kid who is not responsible for anything but myself and my personal satisfaction.

My boss took care of that fine dining experience at Enchante (by Chef Jessie of Le Souffle fame).

    Grilled Prawns Salad. Actually it has a fancier name, I just forgot what it is called. haha!=p

                                             Grilled U.S. Angus Black Tenderloin in Madeira Sauce. 

The waiter asked me, "How do you like your steak ma'am?". Guess what my bano, pretentious, masa reply? "Cooked!" Dear Lord, I even said it with conviction. The ever polite waiter retorted, "You mean well done, ma'am?". I nodded and smiled sheepishly.I was not born for this. In my vocabulary, well-done and cooked are one and the same.

                                                     French Chocolate Gateau

I am so promdi I got thrilled with their Legally Blonde restroom I just had to take pictures.

My friends took care of the Red horse and the sisig part.
I don't think I still have to tell you which of the two dinners that night I enjoyed and loved more.=p

High school may have happened 10 years ago (oh no! we are that old!) but still, I have great memories of it, my high school friends will be among my most favorite group of people in the entire universe!

Cooked Story #2:

Our helper at home prepared the usual lunch and dinner one Saturday. I love Ate Letty and Vangie for making our lives more comfortable but really, I don't look forward to eating what they prepare for us. My cousin's dissatisfaction made him buy a griller so he can have grilled salmon and grilled beef for his luch and dinner. 

                                               Lean's Lunch: Grilled Salmon

                                                  Lean's Dinner: Grilled Beef

The presentation looks the same but they were far much better than Ate Letty's tinola and pork chop. I ask him why he's not like us who eat whatever is prepared no matter how bland the food is. He says he's going against statu quo. 

I love stubborn young people! =p

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